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How is a Biography Video Produced?
Once you decide that you want to produce a Biography Video, you will received a list of hundreds of questions that will help guide you in determining exactly what topics you want to cover. Our Videographer will arrive at the location of your choice and set up professional lights, microphone and camera. The background can be a natural location in your house, colorful static backdrop cloth which we provide, or our green screen. A green screen would be used if you would like a subtle motion background to appear in your video. The video will take approximately two hours to shoot when you are on camera and an additional half hour to capture the photos that you want to include.
Why Make a Biography Video?
Photos by themselves can't capture the essence of a person. The don't reveal their passions, concerns, thoughts, and wisdom. By taking the time to produce a Biography Video, you can ensure that future generations will be able to see and remember you just the way you want them to.
What is a Biography Video?
Biography Videos recount the highlights of a person's life in their own words and incorporate photos, maps, and stock footage to enhance the production. 

Star in the Story of Your Life!

Create a Biography Video

Yesteryear's stories were passed on through memories, diaries, and faded monochrome photographs. Go back more than a couple generations and often people or significant episodes of their lives irretrievably disappear, lost to the passage of time.
Today, thanks to the wonders of technology, stories of years gone by can be faithfully captured and passed on in complete detail, vividly described by those who lived the events. The best way to pass these treasures on to succeeding generations is with vibrant full motion video.
Revelation Video Productions offers a variety of styles to permanently capture these priceless keepsake memories. The options are as varied as the memories you have to share. We will customize the background and setting to enhance the record of your memories. In each 45 to 60 minute production, we offer the option of incorporating 40 to 60 photographs and/or home movie footage to enhance bringing your memories to life.

Who Should Make a Biography Video?
Everyone. Be remembered in your own words.


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How Much Does a Biography Video Cost?

At this time, a 45-60 minute Biography Video incorporating 40-60 photos and a motion background is $1,350.00. This includes five DVD copies. Additional DVD copies can be ordered at $10 each. Prices are subject to change. Additional photos could increase the price.  A $50 non-refundable deposit is due when you schedule the taping date of your Biography Video.  At that time you will receive your biography question list. 

Why Does it Cost so Much to Produce a Biography Video? 

In addition to marketing costs, the equipment necessary to produce a professional Biography Video is very expensive.  Each project requires at least a half day of production including set up, taping the video, and packing up the gear.  After that, our editors will work several days incorporating video footage, still photos, maps, and text to ensure a high quality production is achieved. If you check around you will find that many video production companies charge $3,000 and more for similar projects.     

Can't I Just Tape a Biography Video Myself? 

Of course you can.  However, here are some questions to consider.  Do you have a quality camcorder?  Do you know how to position the subject?  Do you have a light kit that will achieve a 3-point lighting setup and do you know how to use it?  Do you have a good microphone to capture clear audio? (The microphones included with most camcorders are not suitable for capturing quality audio).  Do you know how to add title screens?  Can you manipulate dozens of photos and incorporate them with video footage?  Do you have video editing software and great editing skills?  Can you output the finished product to DVD?  Do you have the time to accomplish this?  If you can answer "yes" to all of these questions, then grab the camcorder and start rolling!  If not, please read on.


There are three ways to get started with your Biography Video: 

1)  You have the option of mailing your $50 nonrefundable deposit to Revelation Video Productions, 484 E. Carmel Dr., # 278, Carmel, IN 46032-2812.  Once the deposit is received we will contact you to schedule the taping date, answer any questions you may have, and mail you the biography question list.

2) You can also call Revelation Video Productions at (317)575-1846 and pay your $50 deposit by credit card. We will answer any questions, schedule your taping date and mail you the biography question list.

3)  Another option is to have our videograher meet with you and deliver the biography question list in person.  The videographer will pick up your deposit check, answer any questions, and schedule your taping date.